Key Advantages of our Nearshore Software Development Services

Nearshore Software Outsourcing
  • For our European clients we are a typical nearshore outsourcing provider, we have the same culture as our clients, we are geographically not too far from them in Hungary, which makes possible the necessary personal consultations (“onshore” activity)
  • Our architects, designers, and developers speak English, some of them German
  • In our country you can find the right political and law stability (that means you can count on the appropriate protection of warranty claims, copyrights and patents)
  • E-Group has the necessary financial stability (with a due diligence investigation)
  • We are an SME company, our company size fits the best for similar size clients
Cost Efficiency
  • Our nearshore software development services can provide labor cost savings up to 70% for various solutions in comparison with in-house development in American and European countries.
Top-level Solutions
  • With over twenty years of quality experience in software development industry, E-Group is able to deploy world class software solutions for even the most complicated requirements.
Shorter time to market
  • Faster delivery to market is a priceless advantage in today’s competitive environment. Our well setup state of the art infrastructure and ready to go resources guarantee that quick solutions will be delivered.
Availability of Trained IT Staff
  • E-Group has a pool of skilled professionals with rich experience in diverse software development verticals.

    Our team is a group of passionate and highly experienced professionals, focused on the latest technologies and solution to support our clients in addressing their business needs, advising on the latest technologies and ways of working to deliver clients transformation strategies and provide a depth of experience to our clients to allow them to focus on the future.

    Staffing is a continuous challenge for IT teams in every organization. You value the experience and knowledge employees have gained within your enterprise – in many cases, they are the only people who really understand the complexity and management of heritage systems.

    Because E-Group knows each of its contractors, we are able to match the required level of experience to the task ahead. Of course, we understand that the only way to gain experience is by doing the job – but as staffing partners, we do not expect our clients to subsidise the professional development of their contractors.
Flexible manpower utilization
  • Reduce your housing, recruiting and training expenses through our nearshore software development services. Hire resources as your requirements.
Development risk minimization
  • E-Group, as a nearshore software development expert, follows proven development processes and quality management system, which minimizes the risk involved in project development.
Safety against Technological Changes
  • E-Group offers total security from the technical changes due to evolving information technology by keeping up with the latest technologies.
  • E-Group is a CMMI Level 3 and ISO 9001:2008 certified nearshore software development company
  • E-Group is proud to have formed strong relationships with a number of the world’s leading technology suppliers. Thanks to the strength of our partnerships, we are able to focus on providing the right solution for our clients according to their specific business needs, offering a truly vendor-independent approach. Our partner ecosystem consists of Global Strategic Partners with whom we hold long-term, multifaceted relationships, Technology Partners whose technology underpins many aspects of our portfolio and Channel Partners who add breadth and depth to our client engagement opportunities. Technology is evolving faster than ever before and organizations are struggling to keep pace. E-Group can help you take the next steps on your ICT Roadmap to ensure your organization is where it needs to be. Our expertise and experience in delivering ICT solutions to meet client requirements across all vertical sectors allows us to fully understand the challenges and pressures your IT teams are facing. E-Group works with and holds accreditations across the world’s technology leaders enabling us to maintain an independent approach to ensure our clients acquire the right solution for their specific needs.