Secure transacting

  • Corporate internet banking platform (new: micro-SME – mid. Corp - large Corp.) – complex banking platform since 1993, 20 years of banking application and integration experience (Corpex (CLIC v8.0))
  • Bank account driven real-time payment, clearing and settlement platform (Abaqoos)
  • Corporate Rewards and Recognition Platform (Corporate Employee virtual currency driven employee loyalty)
  • Community Payment Platform - online payment and clearing platform
  • Others (payment back-end systems, bank card clearing systems, smartcard based solutions, NFC, Mobile Developments)

Secure eIdentity

  • Multiprotocol user authentication/identification server (ID-Server v2.0)
  • Soft-Secure – software based strong user authentication
  • Software development and supporting partner, system critical role in HU energy grid infrastructure operation, clearing and settlement
  • Open CA custom implementations (PKI)
  • Digital signature suite (SDX (and Mobile))
  • Document watermarking technology (DocMark)
  • e-Billing digital signature platform integration platform (BillIO)
  • Smartcard and ecard projects and know-how
  • Management of related EU funded R&D projects
  • HU Government Central Identification Gateway Service

Secure Smart Platfroms

  • Secure Communication Platform (Voice, Video, Message) smart & powerful: Android, IOS, Web Client based (MOBIX)
  • Secure document exchange (TransFORM)
  • Secure e-records management framework (+ industry specific workflows where E-GROUP has experience E.g. IBUR - pension management and declaration system, Hungarian State Pension Fund, Field Service and Retail Energy, Records Management) - (eDOX)

Support SLA, Managed Applications Hosting

  • Managed services / Application hosting for E-Group projects
  • Understanding of Hybrid Cloud hosting models
  • SaaS, PaaS (secure hosting space / cloud hybrid)
  • HelpDesk and support SLA 5/8; 7/24
  • SLA life cycle
  • Localization and training - adaptation and deployment of IT systems