Security and Transacting is working hand in hand. The market for products and services delivering secure transactions and secure smart communication and transacting platforms is expanding. Transacting is a core revenue generator for multiple industry sectors thus clearing and settlement and related mission critical systems are pivotal to secure operational complexity.

E-Group is successful in combining the latest security/identity technology trends with mission critical transaction oriented solutions, clearing and settlement systems, adding smart (mobile) communication and e-channels platform delivery capacities integrated with cognitive reasoning and BI analytics over transactional big-data. E-Group is successful turning its industry know-how and expanding innovative solutions portfolio into SaaS and PaaS model.


Enable our clients with secure, mission critical smart transaction oriented and communication platforms, specifically in managing identity which is the currency of the future, applying advanced next generation cryptographic tools and services, developing mission critical transaction oriented (including banking payment) systems, combing latest AI and cognitive reasoning technologies to assist our clients capitalize on transactional data and e-identity.

E-Group builds its innovative product and service portfolio, maintains an Intellectual Property intensive operation in cooperation with leading Universities and innovative industry labs. E-Group’s integrates into local and regional operations high-end industry relationships with leading industry specialist vendors, providing value add services and competence centre cooperation models to enable regional success stories.