Software development

We begin every relationship with an in-depth discussion about the short and long-term desires for your project. Our engineers will review any hidden requirements and your existing codebase, if you have one. When we know your goals and understand existing software, we are able to better ensure the success of the project before we even write our first line of code. By the end of this phase, E-Group works together with you to make a plan of development that accord with your goals, your timeline and your operating budget.

Tell us your needs, desired functionality, the business methods used, and we will design the most appropriate solution to meet your needs. E-Group works with the knowledge that most businesses will evolve and change, so we build your software solutions scalable and flexible enough for easy adaptation down the road.

For many developers, software architecture and design are overlooked, which might hinder the application’s performance and development velocity. Other projects may suffer from big design up front, which can cause unnecessary complexity and delay feedback that would otherwise come organically during implementation.

We have a pragmatic approach to architecture and design issues. We pinpoint the most important areas that it's worth investing upfront time, and prioritize others afterwards, where the design comes only after more important development iterations are finished.

Our code is created with a focus on quality, simplicity and ease of maintainability. Frequent code reviews and code refactoring helps us keep this focus. You can always be confident that we will make your software solution evolve smoothly along with your business.

Custom software development includes a large range of software-based solutions. Regardless of your needs: custom web development, stand-alone software applications, existing system integration/extensions, project recovery, or help using our software engineering knowledge, methods, or practices in your business, E-Group is prepared to fulfill your needs.

WEB development
  • We create outstanding web applications. We value practical solutions, beautiful and intelligent designs, clean code, good architecture, and above all we are committed to the success of your company.

    We’ve been designing, building and supporting web applications for two decades. As a reliable web application development company, E-Group has earned high reputation, so you can trust us with your largest and most ambitious projects.
APP development
  • E-Group provides comprehensive services for mobile application development for all main platforms including Apple's iOS, Google's Android.

    We build mobile solutions improving your business effectiveness and efficiency. With long experience developing mobile applications, we have a strong knowledge base to guide you along the process of mobile application development.
On-Premise development
  • If our customers need it, we are able to manage the on-premise development too, in this case some of our colleagues will work together with the customer on their premises.
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