Gas station retail frontend and e-Cash and smartcard based complex loyalty system

  • Bottle Mobile Sales system
  • Bulk product line
  • SAP integration, Automatic interfaces, Bulk route management, Bottle mobile sales modules, Bulk mobile sales modules, Back office data administration
  • Mission critical application high redundancy platform

Banking frontend system

  • Corporate internet banking product
  • 6 banking units/country specific sub-products, 9 languages
  • Advanced cash management and current account products
  • Modernisation strategy, hands-on with CEE BANK Units, build direct relationship model „close cooperation model”, joint innovation model, create NewCLIC 100% fit with Global strategy. Expand in Europe and beyond with NewCLIC.

Development of transaction systems for unionpay amex card

  • China UnionPay Gateway related technologies (hosting and some development)
  • Gateway Processor for CEE

Employee reward recognition system development

  • Transaction management
  • Account management
  • Vendor/Dividend management
  • Roles based security
  • Tax management
  • Revenue monitoring

Banking e-Wallet system development

  • Online payment platform (clearing and settlement system)
  • B2C and P2P payments, micro-payment as well
  • Real-time payment, topup from most HU bank accounts
  • Based on bank accounts- direct bank account backed topup e-wallet, administration of individual transactions is done at the level of Abaqoos (2 tier account hierarchy)
  • Abaqoos payment card
  • Multi-level/hierarchical accounts (micro-Abaqoos accounts)
  • Clearing facility (real time)

Banking smart mobile and web frontend with video communication

  • Video call center
  • Video-chat
  • Document-management
  • Video-archiving

e-Government document management system with e-Forms

  • Over 40+ intelligent web-based complex workflows
  • Back-end systems integration

Pension fund pension declaration system

  • Centralized authentication (SSO) integration
  • Achiving
  • Data-transfer
  • Mailing

social media startup mobile social media app.

Video voice message smart mobile app based complex communication solution

  • Functions
    • Secure video and voice calls
    • Video messages / chat
    • File transfer
    • Conversation archiving
    • Integrated accounting and payment system component
    • Speech2Text and Text2Speech services
    • Integrated video call center functions
  • Advantages
    • High security video and voice communication
    • Independent platform, virtualization ready
    • Single sign-on ready
    • Easy to fit to existing systems
    • Complex solutions and platform
    • Browser support
    • iOS, Android application
    • Integration ability (Skype, LINE)

Energy company: backend and frontend energy clearing and settlement system

  • software development and supporting partner, system critical role in HU energy grid infrastructure operation, clearing and settlement


  • BOSS: this project aims at providing an efficient wireless interconnection between land and on-board communication for public transport and to offer a new set of services for security and safety for such systems.
  • JEDLIK: the primary goal of the project is to develop strong authentication for mobile e-identities. The communication needs of mobile devices and their mobile users have drastically grown because of the proliferation of such communication and consumer electronics devices.
  • HCRMS: E-Group HCRMS system offers government and private organizations to build customized motivation schemes, based on measurement and incentive programs specific to the employer.
  • WEB2GRID: The websites of the different social networks have an identical basic structure: a personal profile, wall and the interactive list of ’friends’. The profile normally includes the name, the photo, the favorite activities and interests of the given person. That personal profile is available for everyone. All our data uploaded can be collected by anyone and could also be supplemented with additional information. The applications we have developed can access the user’s pictures by means of the gadgets. With the help of these methods we can gain and forward such information as the user’s and the picture’s unique identifier and even that of the pictures in the album and their URL. In a nutshell, this way the picture and the information belonging to its owner can be forwarded together to their interconnection.
  • T-VISION: The goal of the project is to develop a technology that can provide some addition to the streaming contents (sound, motion picture, etc.) in the form of META information alongside time dimension in a way that a new dimension can be opened for the content consumers. By learning the additional information, services and transactions can be performed that increase the value of other services connected tightly to the content like „lookup”/data inquiry, establishing data search function, making payments, active feedback, etc., that help the true use of t-trade.
  • SCI-BUS: this project created a generic-purpose gateway technology as a toolset to provide seamless access to major computing, data and networking infrastructures and services in Europe including clusters, supercomputers, grids, desktop grids, academic and commercial clouds. SCI-BUS will elaborate an application-specific gateway building technology and customization methodology based on which user communities can easily develop their own customized gateways.
  • TEACH4US: the digital media are becoming more and more accessible to everyone. Access to digital content by special technologies (Internet, IPTV, mobile phone, etc.) is much more easier for ages approx. 3-18 years, than for their parents and teachers. The problem is, in most cases, the digital content hasn’t been filtered. Our goal is: the content categorization will be the task of typically professionals and educators. The content will be grouped by them according to different taxonomy systems: age group (3-5 , 5-7, etc. synchronized to school and kindergarten themes), orientation ( skill, art, logic , math, etc.). Initially, the basic content categories are grouped by age and gender, so as not to appear too complicated. Later also the society (teachers, NGOs, parents) may contribute to the expansion, and the system is scheduled to become profitable and self-supporting.
  • MOBIQOOS: The point of our solution is to connect by a special, so-called "secondscreen" mobile application the broadcast TV and Radio platforms, as well as the Internet and mobile technologies. So as a result, and by enhancing the viewer/listener’s activity new kinds of additional advertising models can be developed, and broadcast TV’s and Radio’s efficiency can be significantly increased. This possibility will certainly arouse the interest of altering 'traditional' television and radio broadcast market actively investigating new ways and models.
  • Speech2Process: Project title: „Smart, natural language semantic analyzer platform to process oriented back-ends” We would like to replace the cumbersome and slow menu-driven front-ends of the back-end systems (e.g. EGOV call center, e-banking, info-center etc.) of different service providers (e.g. financial institution, retails, etc.). In our solution the client communicates with the system by natural language sentences, which will be automatically recognized and semantically analyzed, so the client can be connected directly to the right administrator, or the transactions can be automatically started.